All items are made by hand to order. We take a limited amount of orders at a time. The Current wait time is 16 weeks from date of order.


WW Mfg Co. jeans are “true to size”. This means that the waist is closer to your actual waist measurement. Most jeans sold today have at least 2 inches of “vanity sizing” added to the size marked on the tag. So, jeans with a tag size 30 will actually measure around 32 inches in the waist. Mine only have one half an inch of vanity. So, a WW Mfg tag size 30 actually measures 30.5. You can measure your waist but it might be better to measure a pair of jeans you already have that fit you well, preferably something with a high rise. Fold them in half from the side (not the front) and double that measurement. If they measure 17 then you need to order a size 34. You can see what that looks like in the picture below of a size 27 waist that measures 13.75 inches.